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Backups and Replication

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We offer backup and recovery services for both physical and virtual environments. Clarity delivers disk to disk backup and recovery support for Windows, Linux and OS X environments. In molding backup strategies, we work closely with each environment to ensure an effective continuity strategy is in place and tailored to specific industry needs. The analysis is vital to ensure that the proper level of protection against data loss and corruption are in place. Hardware failure and user/application errors causing data loss are inevitable, and a thorough strategy will provide an effective mitigation plan.

Billing is based on total amount of backup storage allocated. Backup strategies and retention periods are defined and managed by the client.

Backup Options

 File Level Storage Backup

Utilizing Windows native backup scheduler or a customized script for Linux platforms, clients can define which folders and files they would like backed up. Pricing is based on $0.50 per gig and data is stored on a highly redundant storage array. If you want to backup your Mac Mini, then take a look at the Backup options on our other website for hosting Apple hardware.

 Agent Backups

Using a highly intuitive GUI design, agent backups allow clients to configure and define which partition, folder or files to backup. Pricing is based on how much storage is used and needed on a monthly basis. If you require less, then we bump you down to the next tier down, and if you need more, then we bump you to the next tier up. We offer that flexibility.

Each client will be allocated a dedicated backup VLAN to ensure all backup traffic is isolated from production network segments. Disk to disk backups provide a reliable, flexible and easy to manage solution. Each backup schedule is customizable and designed to be executed during periods of minimal server load. Daily, weekly and monthly retention periods are available, as well as the option of incremental and differential backups

Agent backups are ideal for backing up mission-critical Oracle, MySQL and MS SQL Server databases.

  • Back Up Amount Price
  • Data Backups up to 10 GB $15.00
  • Data Backups up to 20 GB $20.00
  • Data Backups up to 30 GB $30.00
  • Data Backups up to 50 GB $40.00
  • Data Backups up to 80 GB $70.00
  • Data Backups up to 120 GB $90.00
  • Data Backups up to 200 GB $140.00
  • Data Backups up to 300 GB $185.00
  • Data Backups up to 400 GB $220.00
  • Data Backups up to 500 GB $240.00


Today’s organizations no longer tolerate downtime. Implement a replication strategy and Disaster Recovery (DR) solution to ensure business continuity.

Replicate your data to a target at another Data Center for your critical services that require the highest availability. Speak with one of our DR specialists to customize a solution, and take a look at our Disaster Recovery section for sample configurations.