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Clarity Cloud Services

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Clarity Cloud Services’ flexibility means you can structure your cloud to best fit your needs. You can scale your IT resources to your business and eliminate the need for expensive servers.

Reliably access your information from anywhere at any time with Clarity’s complete cloud services. Confident in the knowledge that Clarity’s expertise in secure cloud computing ensures your data and cloud are protected.

Clarity’s Cloud Services

Public Cloud

Clarity’s complete cloud services gives you options. Whether Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure Cloud (Azure) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Clarity can build it, manage it or both. Clarity’s cloud services works with you to pinpoint your needs and challenges.

Finding clear cloud computing possibilities through our client centered support, expertise and management that makes cloud migration simpler and seamless.

Private Cloud

Clarity’s Private Cloud services provides you with the infrastructure, environment and platform in our Canadian data centers. Working with you, Clarity can build your cloud, your way and manage it for you.

Whatever your cloud needs:

  • On-Premise VMWare, Hyper-V or Citrix Xen
  • Dedicated computing and cloud storage
  • Dedicated point-to-point connectivity

Hybrid Cloud

Creating and maintaining a hybrid cloud doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether your hybrid cloud deployment mixes various private clouds and a public cloud, or includes on-premise compliant infrastructure, Clarity’s custom cloud services makes things clearer by streamlining communication between environments.


Using multiple public clouds to grow your business means finding clarity among the clouds. Clarity Cloud Services protects you while increasing your cloud connectivity and resiliency to reduce downtime. Clarity’s personalized cloud consulting focuses on developing a multicloud strategy that meets your needs and costs.