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Learn more about our Colocation Model

Your equipment, your hardware, we manage the environment! The Colocation model provides the option of supplying your own equipment to host in a highly redundant facility. Occupy a whole rack cabinet with your firewalls, switches, servers, NAS and other rack mountable hardware, or simply colocate a single 1U piece of equipment. Colocation is ideal for moving an office’s IT back-end Infrastructure into a hosting facility to mitigate risks that can potentially cause a disruption in service. The cost of building out a dedicated room for your IT Infrastructure can be expensive as many factors need to be considered. Generators for power to your environment with a proper failover strategy, multihomed bandwidth for high availability and security protocols to prevent unauthorized access are the basic foundation pieces in constructing a room to house your company’s equipment. If you want Clarity to manage and support the hardware, take a look at our Dedicated Server model.

Clarity’s responsibility

Under the Colocation model, the client simply provides their own equipment. Clarity is responsible in providing power, redundant bandwidth connectivity, cooling and secure authorized access to your hardware. The Infrastructure is laid out to provide a continuous service with a redundant environment. Simply put, Clarity is responsible for managing and supporting the environment surrounding your equipment.

The Client’s responsibility

Your hardware, your responsibility. All hardware belongs to the client and therefore managed by the client. Like all electronics, there are times when components will fail. The client is responsible for providing spare parts for their hardware if there is a need to swap out a defective part, or replace the entire unit. Clarity will work alongside your team in scheduling hardware upgrades and swaps.

Benefits of Colocation

Colocation provides the flexibility of using your equipment while still benefitting from all services that will keep your environment always available. Using this model in a Data Center facility has proven to be the right business decision for many organizations as the Infrastructure is already built. Choose from one of our Colocation facilities for hosting your production environment, or both to incorporate into your DR (Disaster Recovery) strategy.

Focus on your core business services and leave the Infrastructure to us.