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Clarity Hosted Solutions is a ‘customization heavy’ focused company designing private server solutions that propel your business in the right direction using custom solutions. ‘Cookie cutter’ solutions are too restrictive and our customized approach in Dedicated Server hosting pushes the envelope within the industry.

Template SKUs and standard solutions have less flexibility on growth as limiting factors such as motherboards and chassis are fixed to keep costs low. Other Dedicated Server hosting providers design their solutions on pre-configured models with hardware limitations. Their customers are forced to jump to the next tiered package for non-standard configurations resulting in a higher price point.

At Clarity, customization starts from the ground up incorporating the local hardware on your private server. All Dedicated Server hosting solutions are built on Enterprise Level hardware which are selected and customized to factor growth. Start-ups and small businesses that require minimal resources for their server, benefit from this ‘Ramp Up’ model as they start out with small scale solutions and upgrade hardware as they grow, minimizing server to server migrations which lead to unnecessary downtime.

The first step in customizing solutions is an in-depth analysis of your Dedicated Server hosting requirements. We work closely with your team during the planning stage to determine the environment variables. Elaborate solutions are customized based on accepted downtime in conjunction with an effective High Availability (HA) strategy. Complete end-to-end solutions are recommended to ensure a proper Disaster Recovery (DR) plan is in place. Consultation is free, and is the most important step in planning your private server environment.

Customization is available on all layers of your Dedicated Server hosting environment. Load balancers can be configured to distribute resources for resource intensive applications while providing High Availability (HA). Network segmenting and VLANs provide a secure private server environment satisfying compliancy. Backup and replicate your data to a secondary physical site as part of your Disaster Recovery (DR) plan.

Work alongside our engineers to customize a Dedicated Server hosting solution that will satisfy your most resource intensive applications and services for your private server.

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