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Clarity Hosted Solutions operates 2 Top-Tiered N+1 Data Centers in the Greater Toronto Area. The buildings are strategically located to provide hosting for your Production environment, Disaster Recovery, and Offsite Backups. Solutions are customized to utilize both the Toronto colocation and Markham facility to maintain business continuity. To ensure reliable connectivity, our Data Centers are equipped with redundant backbone Internet feeds. Generators are on standby in the event of a power outage and security is enforced by manned personnel guarding the building’s entry points. All systems are switched and routed via high available Cisco Core Switching, Juniper Routing and Juniper Firewalls

Toronto Colocation Data Center - 151 Front Street

Located in the heart of downtown, the Toronto colocation facility at 151 Front has more than 25 Points of Entry providing diverse pathways for “Fiber Connectivity” to more than 150 telecommunication companies. It is one of North America’s most connected buildings with 9 fiber-optic networks.

The Data Center is equipped with redundant UPS, diesel generators, HVAC and FM200 fire suppression systems. It is a highly secure facility with 24x7x365 uniformed security personnel, CCTV cameras, restricted picture ID access and a “man-trap” entrance entering the building. The cooling system is unique to the Toronto colocation site as chilled water is distributed by Enwave. Its Deep Lake Water Cooling delivers chilled water via a 40 kilometer underground pipe network that covers most of the city’s downtown core.

The Toronto colocation building has twenty-five diesel generators provisioned to sustain the load during possible power distributions. An annual routine test is performed to ensure optimal functionality of this system.

Markham Colocation Data Center - Pullman Court

Located in Markham, Ontario, redundant connectivity is achieved by utilizing any of the multiple independent Internet providers available to the building.

24x7x365 security protects the building which is also monitored by CCTV stations supervised by manned personnel. Biometric Authentication and access ID cards protect the perimeter of the building to ensure optimal security.

This facility also provides a constant supply of power via its diesel fueled generators to continually power your environment if the commercial grid is not available.

Let us manage your DR plan between the Toronto colocation and Markham site to provide an additional layer of redundancy at the application level.