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Dedicated Servers

Learn more about our Dedicated Servers

Dedicated hosting is a Dedicated Server allocated and dedicated to you. Hardware is managed and handled by our team ensuring that your applications and services are always available. There is a lot more flexibility in customizing a solution under the dedicated hosting model as these Enterprise Solutions outfits each server with redundant components. Think of this model as shifting all hardware responsibilities to Clarity. Within the industry, many refer the dedicated hosting model as "renting or leasing a Dedicated Server". If you have already invested in your own hardware and still want to benefit from hosting in a redundant facility, you can take a look at our Colocation model.

Clarity's Responsibility

Our hardware, our responsibility, no extra cost to you! We are responsible for all hardware on a Dedicated Server as we provide the equipment. All hardware related issues are handled throughout the entire life cycle from the troubleshooting process to replacing the defective component or entire unit. This acts as an unlimited warranty on the hardware for your server. Under a dedicated hosting environment, Clarity is responsible in providing a redundant environment surrounding your equipment with reliable network connectivity, constant power management and a secure and stable Infrastructure.

The Client’s responsibility

The overhead on hosting a Dedicated Server is very minimal, as all hardware and Infrastructure are Clarity’s responsibility. With the wide array of services and custom applications that are required by different organizations to run on their servers, clients are responsible for the application layer. Having your own dedicated hosting environment provides the most complete hosting experience for your mission critical applications and services.

Benefits of a Dedicated Server

Let us host your server under our dedicated hosting model by eliminating all hardware and Infrastructure management for your team. with redundant hardware managed by our team of technical professionals will provide constant connectivity to your environment.

Leave the Infrastructure to us, and focus on your own core business services.