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Disaster Recovery

Learn more about Disaster Recovery Planning

Having a proper Backup strategy alone is not enough. A Disaster Recovery Plan is important in ensuring business continuity. This area is often overlooked but is the most relevant in maintaining a HA (High Availability) environment.

Incorporate two Data Centers into your DR planning. Host your production environment at one location and set up an exact duplicate environment at another physical site. Configure replication between the two sites with a specific retention strategy. Depending on the level of requirements for compliancy, an Active/Active configuration will include both sites running in parallel with each other resulting in a smaller window for a failover to occur. Active/Passive configurations involve a documented process to failover resulting in a slightly longer time to return to all services. Your industry compliancy requirements will help you decide which option is best.

DR planning requires an understanding of downtime tolerance, industry compliancy and client expectations.

Speak with one of our engineers to plan out the most effective strategy to safeguard your environment and mitigate outages.


Example Configuration of a DR Solution:

Disaster Recovery Solution