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Mac Hosting

Learn more about Hosting on a Mac

Mac Server equipment provides hosting for your application and website services by using powerful Apple hardware. Hosting your Mac Server out of one of our ensures high available network connectivity with redundant Internet feeds and reliable power. The most popular platform is the Mac Mini. With its low power utilization and small footprint, custom shelves dedicated for these servers allow for an effectively dense setup reflective of its low cost to host.

Mac Dedicated Servers

Mac Server hardware is dedicated to you and hardware is managed by us. Clarity is responsible for any issues relating to hardware during the life cycle of the contract. In providing the hardware, we assume all responsibilities of failed components on the equipment. All major hardware components are covered under the SLA. The entire server can be replaced or individual components such as the CPU, RAM, Fans, Motherboard and Power Supplies. Our hardware, our responsibility.

Mac Colocation

Host your Mac Server or other Apple hardware out of a Top Tier Data Center to keep your services available. Mac Colocation offers flexibility in hosting using your own equipment. You are responsible for your own hardware, but we will provide the power, space and Internet connectivity to run your environment. Replacements for damaged part(s), or entire unit swaps are initiated by the client. Our tech savvy clients are attracted to this model’s low price point as they benefit from being present in a Data Center environment at a fraction of the cost. Your server, your hardware.

Under the chapter, the Mac Server Hosting division utilizes Apple hardware to cater to a targeted fan base. Visit us at if you are interested in hosting a Mac Mini or other Apple hardware. The website was laid out to provide more of an Apple feel and reception for our audience.