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Mac Services

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Mac hosting services presents added features to your hosted Apple hardware. Hosting in a redundant facility is the first step in keeping your environment Always-On and accessible, but adding these services will provide the best hosting experience.

Secure your Infrastructure with Managed Firewalls. Protect access to your data by limiting open ports and services from the public Internet. Restricting certain channels of communication will mitigate security risks.

Implement a proper Disaster Recovery plan with Backup and Replication strategies. Data corruption and hardware failures are real threats to any environment. Outlining a plan for verifying and restoring data should be part of basic DR planning. More complex strategies are available to provide complete HA (High Availability).

Proactive tools can monitor the status of your hardware and services. Receive alerts of potential issues before it happens. Configurable warnings and thresholds offer custom flags to be set to notify our clients. Minimize downtime with our custom Monitoring tools.

Access your data and server remotely with secure encrypted communications. Encapsulate and route traffic through a secure VPN tunnel. The benefits outweigh the risks in opting for this service.

Speak with one of our specialists and visit our Mac hosting website at Clarity has strategically positioned services for our Mac clients in its own division.