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Mac Solutions

Learn more about Hosting on a Mac

Mac solutions offer powerful hosting using Apple hardware. The Mac Mini server has become the leading choice in hosting for Mac hardware.

In a Data Center rack, there are many factors that affect pricing. The two most important are real estate and power. The overall footprint of a Mac Mini server is smaller than a traditional 1U format server. These powerful units draw less power and their heat signatures are quite low. Clarity’s custom shelves, cable management systems and power allotment allow us to host your Mac Mini server in a dense environment. Total cost to host is significantly lower than other hosting solutions.

Time Machine is the robust built-in backup feature of OS X used to backup your important sensitive data. Simply connecting an external drive to your Mac Mini server ensures your server will have a copy of all your files and provide ‘back in time’ restores of your entire system. To add to your Disaster Recovery plan, clone your server with SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner to have an exact bootable duplicate of your hard drive.

A Mac Mini server run the same services that are common on traditional Windows/Linux based systems. You can run a simple web server to host your online applications. Or, host an entire small office solution with a file server, CRM system and email services.

Our Mac Colocation solutions allow you to host your own Mac Mini server. You benefit from redundant connectivity to keep your server always available. For our clients that want us to manage the hardware, we provide Mac Dedicated Servers. Hardware on servers is backed by a SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Clarity’s Mac division offer hosting to clients who prefer to use Apple hardware.


Example Configuration of a Mac Hosting Solution:

Configuration of a Mac Hosting Solution