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Managed Services

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Complement your hosted environment with managed hosting services.

Under the Dedicated Server model, Clarity will be responsible for all hardware components on the server. Incorporating managed hosting services, will provide an additional layer of support for your server. We will manage the OS (Operating System) and monitor the system’s health. Your server will be proactively updated to prevent attacks by patching vulnerabilities and monitored to mitigate outages. The single most important benefit for managed hosting is free upgrades for your Operating System (OS) version. Hardware is also upgraded at no extra cost if the OS is not supported on older technology. Under these circumstances, clients will benefit from updated equipment on faster platforms. Adding these services provide the most complete protection and support for your environment so that you can focus on your application and services.

Under the Virtualization solutions model, Clarity will manage the Virtual Infrastructure and is responsible for administration on Virtual Hosts. Adding managed hosting eliminates hardware and network overhead on your Virtual Infrastructure. Virtual Machine provisioning and decommissioning will be our responsibility. Allocating Virtual Machine resources and networking also falls under the managed hosting services profile. Clients can customize a redundant HA environment with Custom Solutions using backup and replication strategies. We take away the complex management of a Virtual environment so that you can focus on the individual Virtual Machines to effectively serve up the services for your applications.

Take a look at the following Hosting Services under the Managed Model:

  • Managed Hosting Services Dedicated Servers Virtualization Platforms
  • OS Updates  
  • Proactive Server Patching  
  • Host Monitoring: CPU Utilization  
  • Host Monitoring: RAM Utilization  
  • Capacity Monitoring: Hard Drive Space  
  • Free Operating System Upgrades  
  • Virtual Host Management  
  • Virtual Host Administration  
  • Create/Modify/Delete Virtual Machines  
  • Virtual Machine Resource Allocation  

*Free Operating System Upgrades: Free hardware upgrade if newer architecture is needed for OS upgrade