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Network Infrastructure

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Clarity’s mission critical Data Centers provide state of the art hosting for your private servers. You can invest heavily on hardware equipment but without a network to support heavy traffic, you will encounter a bottleneck. Online connectivity is not just based on a live connection but most importantly, the quality of the bandwidth that is piped in.

By utilizing Clarity’s multiple Data Center presence, preferred pathways are manipulated to provide quick transfers. Replication between physical sites creates a sound strategy for your private servers Disaster Recovery plan. Traffic is routed through multi-channel connections to Top Tier Internet carriers with Gigabit Ethernet using the BGP routing protocol. Clarity’s Infrastructure environment is peered with TorIX (Toronto Internet Exchange). Traffic for our clients’ private servers are kept ‘local’ without added latency of a third-party Internet transit provider resulting in better network performance.

Our network core is fault-tolerant with redundant routing and switching. All hardware is configured with redundant components locally. The network layout is strategically designed in a High Availability (HA) configuration to mitigate outages for your private servers. The backbone Infrastructure is constructed with Cisco and Juniper hardware powering a reliable robust network delivering quality bandwidth with minimal latency.

We deploy highly secure redundant switching at the distribution layer to improve network implementation flexibility, uptime and service levels. Private servers on client networks are divided into dedicated private VLANs. Each distribution switch is connected to our core switching via redundant GigE fiber links for maximum performance and reliability. All VLANs are monitored 24/7 and are protected by high availability, fault tolerant firewalls. Our redundant network profile delivers bandwidth optimized for voice, video and data communications.

Clarity’s core network is the foundation of the Infrastructure that delivers connectivity to your private servers. The network architecture is setup to offer the ultimate in flexibility.