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Virtualization Infrastructure

Learn more about Hosting on Virtualization Platforms

Virtualization Infrastructure solutions are highly customized Virtual Private Server solutions.

Our Virtualization solution is a popular reseller platform for our clients. Clarity does not provide VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, instead, we provide the Infrastructure for you to provide VPS hosting for your customers.

Widely common Virtualization platforms such as VMware, Citrix Xen Server and Microsoft Hyper-V are the leading vendors in the industry. A stand alone virtual host on one physical server can be configured to create a simple virtual machine environment. Increase uptime and online availability with replication to another virtual host running at another Data Center location. Perform backups to the secondary site as part of your Disaster Recovery plan.

Complex solutions consist of configurations with multiple virtual hosts communicating with shared storage (SAN or NAS). Use these Virtualization platforms the way they were intended to be used to unlock features that provide High Availablity (HA). Load balance workloads of your virtual machines to gain the most optimal performance from your Virtual Private Server Infrastructure.

Two options are:


Manage your own Virtual Infrastructure. Clarity will provision the hardware and deploy the server with the Virtualization platform installed. You are responsible for full administration of your virtual machine environment.


This slots under our Managed Services model. We will manage the virtual hosts with proactive patching and maintenance updates. Clarity will be responsible for creating, modifying and deleting virtual machines. We work closely with your team in providing recommendations for the best configurations for your Virtual Private Server environment.

Our 'ramp up' model approach provides hardware that satisfies low requirements at first, with potential to grow to enterprise level workloads. Flexible hardware allows you to keep your operating costs low with minimal resources. As your requirements grow, upgrading your environment is easy. These chassis support multicore processors, high increments of RAM and high performance hard disk drives (SATA, SAS 10K, SAS 15K and SSD). Solutions on existing hardware that support high performance upgrades greatly reduces the costs involved with migrations resulting in less downtime.

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Example Configuration of a Virtual Private Server Solution:

Configuration of a Virtual Private Server Solution