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Learn more about our Virtualization Model

The Virtualization model is built off of the Dedicated Server model and is popular amongst companies that provide virtual server hosting. We work with companies in provisioning hardware based on scalable solutions to factor future growth. Our Virtualization platform operates in a “ramp up” structure which allows you to build your environment by tiered provisioning of hardware to accommodate your time line. Clarity does not offer individual virtual server hosting, but we do provide custom built platforms for you to offer virtual server hosting for your customers.

Clarity's Responsibility

Clarity will be responsible for all hardware on these customized dedicated servers. Hardware is backed by a 1 hr SLA. In the event of a hardware failure (HDD, RAM, CPU, Power Supply and Motherboard), Clarity will replace at no extra charge. We are also responsible for all surrounding Infrastructure ensuring a steady power source, multihomed bandwidth, cooling and security to your environment.

The Client’s responsibility

The customized dedicated server platform will be dedicated to you. All management and administration will be allocated to your team. Clarity will install and deploy the Virtual Application of your choice (VMware, HyperV, Xen). You will be able to manage and deploy a virtual server for your customers and provide totally separate servers for them. Within your console you will be able to define HDD storage space, RAM allocations, CPU and other resources for each of your clients. If you are interested in having Clarity manage the Virtual host and individual server provisioning, then take a look at our Managed Services area.

Benefits of our Virtualization platform

We work with our clients in providing a totally customized solution for their customers while keeping costs low. Virtualization Solutions are highly customized to cater for different options depending on the complexity of your virtual server environment. Our virtualization platforms allow you to focus on your own customers while leaving the hardware responsibilities to Clarity.

Focus on your core business services and leave the Infrastructure to us.

Speak with one of our solutions experts in customizing your Virtualization platform.

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