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Windows Hosting

Learn more about Hosting on Windows

The backbone of many large corporations relies on applications that run best under a Windows Hosting environment. Website Hosting on a Windows platform continues to be the popular choice for many webmasters. Hosting solutions for Windows servers are customized to include the core services needed to run your mission critical applications. Clients have access to all production releases of Windows Operating System (OS) versions. Windows offers a wider supported range of GUI based administration.

Hosting in a Windows environment presents a world that is familiar for traditional administrators who are accustomed with the Microsoft product. Host your Web Server in a Windows Hosting environment running Wordpress on IIS (Internet Information Services) with WAMP (Windows, Apache2, MySQL and PHP). Specific Website Hosting configurations are required in a Windows environment. Clarity’s integration of all pieces will ensure a seamless deployment.

OS specific applications for third party installs such as Microsoft Exchange are configured and installed using documented best practices. A typical configuration example is to host your entire office environment in one of our Data Center locations. Moving your Domain Controllers, Exchange Server, SQL Server, File Server and Terminal Services Server into a redundant facility will ensure that your environment will always remain available and ‘Always On’.

Add to your Windows Hosting solution and you will be qualified for upgrading to the latest Operating System (OS) version when available. This is similar to Microsoft’s SA (Software Assurance) licensing model in that you have rights to new software releases at no additional cost. When software support is reaching EOL (End of Life), you can simply upgrade. You also have the option to upgrade your Website Hosting solution anytime.

Windows Hosting solutions are built on level hardware configured with hardware RAID controllers for added redundancy.

Example Configuration of a Windows Hosting Solution:

Configuration of a Windows Hosting Solution